Landscape Material Supply in Grande Prairie

Aztec Landscaping stocks and supplies the following landscape materials for projects throughout the region. While you are always welcome to pick up your own material, with our fleet of dump trucks and loaders, delivery is never an issue. We also offer contractor and volume discounts for large orders.

Power Screened Topsoil
Trees & Shrubs
Cedar Mulches
Crushed Rock
Cedar Wood Chips
Peat Moss
Pine Bark

Our Material Supply Services

Power Screened Topsoil
We source local topsoil piles around the Grande Prairie region and power screen it right on site. Power Screened Topsoil offers superior debris removal and “clump” reduction than traditional screening. While we offer delivery, screened topsoil can be picked up at our yard or any one of our screening locations surrounding the city.
Trees & Shrubs
We stock many varieties and sizes of potted trees, shrubs, and perennials at our yard. We ship in our stock from nurseries in Alberta and southern BC every 4-6 weeks throughout the season. If we don’t have what you’re looking for we can certainly add it to our next order.
Cedar Mulch
We bring our Cedar Mulch in fresh from southern BC throughout the landscape season. Cedar Mulch is filled with natural oxidants that repel insects. No need for weed barrier, as our shredded variety weaves together providing a superior weed barrier to standard wood chips, coloured mulches, and bark nuggets.
Crushed Rock
We carry ¾” Road Crush for sub-base preparation material. For base preparation we stock Manufactured Fines (particles ranging from 0.5 mm to 6.25 mm allowing for proper compaction). We also stock ¾” Washed Rock that can be used as an economical groundcover or to clean up under decks and between houses.
We carry landscape Boulders ranging in size from 1’ diameter up to 3’ diameter. Whether you’re looking for the perfect feature for a shrub bed, building a natural retaining wall, or creating a beautiful water feature, we have the Boulder selection you need to complete your project.
Peat Moss
We stock Alberta Sphagnum Peat Moss. Peat Moss provides aeration, moisture retention, and is packed with organic mater, making it an ideal addition to any soil composition to create optimum plant growth. While also used for reclamation and absorbing contaminants, it makes great animal bedding by providing superior odor control and producing less waste.
Landscape Products
We carry a rigid Ace of Diamonds black edging, complete with stake kits and connectors, to create a clean and durable edge for any shrub or garden bed. Also, we stock a 6oz geotextile filter cloth which creates the thickest weed barrier possible while still allowing moisture to penetrate below.

Ice Control Material Supply in Grande Prairie

Airport Sand
Airport Sand is a 1-3 mm screened gravel product that works great for sidewalk traction during extreme cold or icy conditions. The fine gravel’s jagged edge bites into slippery surfaces and it’s small size provides minimal risk to rolling under pedestrian traffic, including on-foot, wheelchair, scooters, and the like.
Buckshot Gravel
Buckshot Gravel is a 5-6 mm screened gravel product that works great for parking lot traction during extreme cold or icy conditions. The gravel’s jagged edge bits into slippery surfaces and it’s larger size holds up better to heavier vehicle traffic while still providing traction for pedestrians.
Ice Melt
When ice builds up and you need more than just traction, we have the solution. We stock a premium ice melt blend providing increased melting power to -28’C. Although our Ice Melt is as environmentally friendly as possible, it is important to avoid application or shovelling & scraping over turf areas.
Road Salt
Salt is the most effective and economical de-icer in use throughout North America. Our salt crystals contain trace minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium to give an impeccable result. While more cost efficient that ice melt, additional precautions must be taken when applied as property damage can occur.