Landscape Construction in Grande Prairie

Whether you need to plant a tree in your back yard or create a stunning curb appeal for your storefront, let our industry trained professionals turn your property into the paradise you desire. We offer residential and commercial landscape construction services for the Grande Prairie region.
Sod & Seed
Tired of staring at a barren back yard, or are you sick of cleaning mud being tracked into the house. We are proud to source local sod and all of our installations come complete with industry standard 4-6” topsoil base after compaction. Each installation comes with a starter fertilizer application.
Tree & Shrub Beds
Planting a tree or shrub may not be a simple as one would think. Plant it too deep and it suffocates, to high and the roots will dry out. We understand the unique requirement of each plant we install to ensure it is at the appropriate depth and fertilize upon installation for adequate growth.
Retaining Walls
Whether you need to stabilize a parking pad or want to create a tiered planting feature, we understand the specific requirement needed for your project. We leave no stoned unturned when designing and creating your retaining wall to ensure it can handle the hydrostatic and dynamic pressure that it will need to endure.
Paving Stone & Patio’s
When it comes to pathways and patio’s, we have tons of options. Whether you would like a unique Italian paving stone pattern or a simple sidewalk block storage area, we have the solution. We also have permeable pavement solutions, allowing water to drain through your hard surface, reducing stormwater damage and pollution.
Do you not have time to water your lawn or plant material, or do you want to save on your monthly water bill? Check out our industry certified irrigation installations to ensure that your plants look great while your water bill doesn’t break the bank each month.
Water Features
The sights and sounds of moving water are an extremely soothing experience. But have you ever seen a water feature that you can tell just doesn’t belong? Aztec Landscaping is Savio Certified to create natural water features that fit your landscape, whether it’s a pond, stream, or bubbler.
Fire Pit
There really is something about sitting around the fire with friends and family that truly warms the soul. Whether it’s the crackling of wood, the glow of the embers, the warmth of the flame, or rustic smell, we can install a fire pit for you to gather around all summer long. Once the installation is completed we provide all our clients with the maintenance and long-term care procedures for keeping their beautiful yard looking the way it was intended.

Shrub Bed Installation
Tree Planting
Paving Stone Paths & Patios
Fire Pit Installation
Retaining Walls
Water Features