Landscape Maintenance Services in Grande Prairie

Landscape maintenance is essential for any home or business in Grand Prairie, Canada. A well-kept lawn, healthy trees, and vibrant shrubs and flowers make your place more beautiful and inviting. When you combine proper maintenance with high-end landscape design, your property’s value may also increase by up to 12%.

Integrated Pest Management System (IPM)

Aztec Landscaping’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is basically common-sense pest control. It is the combination of a Spring Clean-Up, Liquid Fertilizer and Weed Control, and Scheduled Mowing. We promote good cultural practices and use controlled products only when and where necessary. When it comes to weed control, keeping your lawn healthy by properly fertilizing, watering, aerating, and dethatching goes a long way. A healthy lawn makes it very difficult for weeds to compete, and maintaining a regular mowing schedule aids in preventing weed establishment.

Save the Environment: IPM reduces the amount of chemicals entering the environment by using mechanical and cultural methods of pest control.

Spring Clean-up

Includes core aeration, de-thatching, close mow, trimming, edging of front sidewalk and concrete driveway, and a spring starter fertilizer application to promote vigorous growth and plant development.
The spring clean-up process helps your lawn breathe easier, promotes root growth, allows water and nutrients to penetrate more easily into the root zone, and controls thatch.

Liquid Fertilizer & Weed Control

Early Summer Application: Seasonally blended fertilizer and weed control where necessary. Slow release fertilizer to ensure no “burning” but provides steady feeding.
Mid-Summer Application: Seasonally blended fertilizer and weed control where necessary. Aids in recovery from summer stress.
Early Fall Application: Seasonally blended fertilizer and weed control where necessary.

Mowing Schedules

We are pleased to offer regular commercial mowing schedules, vacation mowing packages, and on-call mowing in Grande Prairie to keep your lawn looking great all summer long. Our residential mowing division has mower decks ranging up to 16’, along with sanitation, litter pick, and trimming crews, offering the most efficient and versatile options to the residents of Grande Prairie.


Includes Removal of damaged, dead, or diseased wood while maintaining the natural shape and appearance. Dangerous or dead trees can also be removed quickly and safely. Call to arrange for a no-obligation estimate!

Parking Lot Maintenance

Available services: Complete parking lot sweeping and debris removal, Parking stall line painting, Pothole repair and crack sealing.


Whether you need to spray for weeds or insects, we have Certified Applicators and a Pesticide Service Registration to be able to competently take on any challenge. No need to guess what product to use, what your pest is, what ratio to apply, or put yourself in harm’s way. Let us take the stress away and alleviate your nuisance.

Integrated Pest Management Program
Spring Clean-Up
Liquid Fertilizer and Weed Control
Residential Mowing Schedules
Commercial Mowing Schedules
Parking lot sweeping
Tree Removal