Supplying Power Screened Topsoil to Grande Prairie

Power Screened Topsoil
We source local topsoil piles around the Grande Prairie region and power screen it right on site. Power Screened Topsoil offers superior debris removal and “clump” reduction than traditional screening. While we offer delivery, screened topsoil can be picked up at our yard or any one of our screening locations surrounding the city.
Uses of Topsoil
As a quality topsoil provider in Grande Prairie, we supply this material to clients. They can use it for the following purposes:
  • Create Hard Landscaping – Topsoil is good for adding strength to other landscaping materials, which helps prevent erosion. You may use this type of soil to make the perfect base for rock, flagstones, and concrete.
  • Improve Soil Drainage – Introducing topsoil into an area of the garden or lawn that tends to hold water enhances the location’s drainage.
  • Encourage Helpful Organisms – An acre of living topsoil may contain around 900 pounds of earthworms. This kind of soil is an ideal living organic home for all types of beneficial creatures. By introducing topsoil to your lawn, you fertilize the soil and provide essential nutrients to plants or crops.
  • Create a Raised Bed – Combining topsoil with standard garden soil in a raised bed produces a transition layer that aids with drainage.
  • Fix a Damaged Lawn – Topsoil can reseed bare or bald patches in lawns. It could also level a yard.
When it comes to delivering your topsoil, we maintain a prompt delivery schedule. Rest assured you’ll get the material you need on time and in time for your landscaping project.